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" Hello Garry
I was looking for your website. Unable to figure it out... I thought you had your own website before. I only found a Nat CPR type site with your name on it. 
Anyways... I have taken CPR from you a couple of times. Always thought you were a great instructor, REALLY! I finally quit home daycare Nov 2015 after 20yrs. I'm really happy to be done. I got a job at ConAgra. It's a warehouse job. I actually like the warehouse job. Benefit I've lost lots of weight working hard. The pay is pretty decent also. About three weeks ago I was going on lunch break. Cafeteria style, big break room Lots of people. I was walking in and a guy I know, big William (big Mexican, fun guy) is yelling GET HELP, GET HELP FAST. Everyone rushes out towards the office. I rush into the break room. A guy was seizuring badly. Blood spewing from his gut. One guy had him holding him on his side. I immediately assisted with him. EVERYONE ELSE stayed back, way back. It took at least 4 minutes before any of the supervisors, higher up's got there. There were issues apparently with the pages. Everyone in the break room were afraid to help because of the blood. Just myself and another white guy, maybe 30 yrs old. We're helping this tall black man on the floor. YOU were sooooo right, when there is a situation you don't have to think, you just rush into the scene and do everything that you can. Everything you taught me just replayed in my head fast forward. Amazing.  Sadly everyone else, lots of people just stood wayyyy back. Afraid to help at all. Just because there was blood. Actually the other guy helping had only been working there 2 yrs, and myself, which I'm working there as a temp employee. we were the only 2 making sure he didn't choke on his tongue etc... I'm sooo thankful I took YOUR CPR/First Aid course. You really gave me the courage to do the right thing. Afterall it's just helping another human being PERIOD. 
So later supervisors, head coordinators, and finally the trained CPR cert staff got to the scene. They had numerous issues paging people. Then the EMT arrived. I was told he later that day checked out of the hospital. Bummer I never got to meet him after that. He was only employed there for 2 weeks. He had been let go after that. It was his 90 day probation period. I don't know exactly why. 
I've never had to use any of my CPR First aid skills before this. I do have to admit after this happened of course it was hard to keep working that day. It kept replaying in my head over and over. It was very scary. But at that time you gave me the real life skills of how to deal with situations, confidence without second guessing anything.
    I really wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! I still remember you laying on your back telling us small white girls to get next to you and push hard enough on your ribs. Know the reality of dealing with any size. Not no whimpy pushes...
Thanks for making a difference in my life! I hope to run into you and Sue again.
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"Click here to enter a testimonial from your customers."


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